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GraceBlocks Pillar #6: Control

Earlier this year, we started talking about a new initiative at GraceRock: the building of GraceBlocks. A lot has happened since we started this discussion. As we all work to understand our new normal, homeschooling, being alone, dealing with fear and uncertainty, worrying about loved ones and others, Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go keeps coming to mind telling me… on you will go though the weather be foul, on you will go though your enemies prowl, on you will go through Hakken-Kraks howl, onward up many a frightening creek though your arms may get sore and your sneakers may leak…So we’ve continued our hike and turns out, we’ve made it pretty far. Last week, we stood up our dev environment that has enough working code to create validated accounts and build blocks, it’s a huge milestone that certainly makes this all seem less like a figment of our imagination. With every conversation we have, new use cases emerge that get us excited about the future. So in the spirit of continuing to hike far and face up to our problems whatever they are... we will carry on our sharing of GraceBlocks’ pillars, we’re on pillar #6, and it’s about something we are lacking a bit these days: Control.

When someone is using a product, they need to be able to rely on it. That means the system behaves how they expect it to. If I’m going to look up how many masks we have left in inventory, I want to know where to go and how to find that information consistently and with accuracy. Otherwise, trust is lost. Without trust, users don’t adopt, they abandon.

Likewise, if someone is administering the roll-out of a new HR software tool, it’s important to control who can see what information. This is especially critical when trying to deploy software that can serve a large population of users and involves sensitive information. For example, let’s say you need to collect a person’s social security number or bank routing number to complete the creation of an employee record. This information can only be collected if it’s properly protected. There are two ways to approach protection: control who can access the data in the system or limit who can use the system where the data lives.

At GraceBlocks, we plan to give the Builders who create Blocks the tools to control data access. This will allow for broad adoption without risking the exposure of critical information to unauthorized users. At the same time, Builders will be able to define views that offer a consistent and relevant experience, ensuring trust and adoption by users to get the job done.

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