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Transform cumbersome spreadsheets into collaborative systems effortlessly. With GraceBlocks, you can swiftly craft powerful applications that come equipped with built-in email and text messaging features. Whether you're building for your personal use or customizing a solution for controlled and secure user adoption, GraceBlocks empowers you to achieve remarkable results in record time.

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Are you frustrated with the complexity of what you you've created in Google Sheets or your Access databases? Have you observed the increasing reliance on employees' personal phones for work-related texting? For small businesses, GraceBlocks is your ideal system of record. And for larger enterprises, it's the solution to bridge the gaps where users are piecing together makeshift solutions. Embrace GraceBlocks to connect and enhance your operations today.
✨ Easy to use with templates available to help jumpstart your journey

🙌 Collaboration tools that keeps everyone in sync

💬 Built in email and text messaging (two way, not just broadcast)

🔒 Robust security framework

🔖 Attachments and advanced formula support

🔀 Branded and conditional forms for new data collection & updates

💫 API first framework

📱 IOS and Android App available
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Gain speed and agility using GraceBlock’s free plan to get started, and build what you need today.

GraceBlocks offers a robust free plan option to help you experience GraceBlocks and get going with up to 10 users. Build your first Block in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. No credit card is required, and richer feature paid plans start at $14.99/month.


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Pro Plan

For companies with > 5,000 employees, we recommend an Enterprise plan. We'll tailor the plan to meet your needs.

Starting at 14.99 / user /month: Build an unlimited number of Blocks, send up to 1,500 text messages monthly, and other advanced features.

Build up to 5 Blocks, send up to 100 text messages and collaborate with up to 10 users for free.

Starting at 36.99/user/month: Build up to 10 Blocks, send up to 500 text messages monthly, and other features,


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