About GraceBlocks

GraceBlocks give businesses a fun, easy, "no-code required" way to build systems that empower their users with consistent, modern, mobile first tool-sets that get the job done.  We believe, given the the right building blocks, business owners can better manage the ever changing demands at work today. It's through this approach we plan to help the world solve a million business problems.

Who we are

We plan to launch early alpha of our cloud services software offering in Fall of 2020, doing business as GraceBlocks . But we also offer consulting services under our original company name, GraceRock. GraceRock was incorporated in 2018 and we continue to deliver consulting services helping employers with technology strategy, deployment and optimization projects.

While on engagements with customers, we have witnessed a growing divide between the the dated enterprise systems businesses use vs. emerging technology options and the productivity that they can unleash. This put us on the journey to deliver GraceBlocks. We spend our days architecting, designing, building, product managing, geeking out on data, helping to drive adoption, integrating systems, writing, program managing, report writing, process mapping and generally solving problems. And, at our hearts core, we are Block Builders!

Cloud Services Business

Consulting Business

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Meet the Team

Mary Grace Hennessy


Mary Grace, aka MG, has over 20 years of experience in the HCM world getting to work on large scale initiatives for several Fortune 100 companies while simultaneously scaling small businesses to become known brands. She’s achieved this by implementing programs to dramatically improve efficiency and profitability at BrassRing, Taleo and most recently SmashFly before founding GraceRock. While classically known in the role of Product Management, in many cases this has been a catch all for “make it all happen.”

Mike Hennessy

CTO and Co-Founder

Mike is a product & technology entrepreneur/enthusiast who thrives in start-ups. A serial entrepreneur, his career has spanned over 25+ years with a focus on product, cutting edge technology and startups. His was most recently CEO and founder of SmashFly, a recruitment marketing technology provider servicing over 130 of the F500 when it was acquired in 2019 by Symphony Talent. He also served as Chief Architect for BrassRing the Applicant Tracking services technology that services large employers and is now owned by IBM.

Elizabeth Wilkinson

Sr. Consultant

A former eLearning and account management director, Elizabeth brings more than 20 years of adult learning, strategy, client engagement, and program management skills to her role as Director for GraceRock. She has spent the better part of her career working to help establish core functions within well-known HCM recruiting technology brands, namely Taleo and SmashFly. Elizabeth also has ample experience in the realm of process design, system deployment, user testing, integration, and reporting for large-scale operations making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Harish Moorjani

Sr. Consultant

Harish is a result driven technologist and leader with over 20 years of experience in the software industry including the past 10 years in the HCM sector. He brings a unique blend of technical, strategic, and transactional expertise along with a mastery of change management principles. Prior to joining GraceRock, Harish served various roles such as sales, pre-sales, operations and sale management for companies like SmashFly, Oracle and Ceridian. We are excited to have his technical acumen, experience and no-fear attitude as part of our team.