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GraceBlocks Pillar #4: Collaboration

Earlier this month, we started talking about a new initiative at GraceRock: the building of GraceBlocks. We shared that GraceBlocks will be a system for building amazing software, block by block. We then introduced the 10 pillars for a good system of record. In this week’s post, we explore pillar #4 Collaboration support, so users communicate and share information with one another about what’s in the system efficiently.

Teams that can collaborate more effectively win. That’s been true since before the invention of hieroglyphics. Good collaboration today is not just about getting everyone on the same page, setting clear expectations, and being effective in your communication style. It’s also about enabling people with the right technology. Let’s face it, we all know that technology has fundamentally changed how we interact with one another. The introduction of tools like Slack and Teams are rooted in facilitating collaboration are changing how we get things done. With GraceBlocks, our plan for collaboration is to allow easy mechanisms and notification frameworks that pull the right people into the right conversations at the right place. Here are a few key mindsets for GraceBlocks as we look to establish our collaboration feature set:

Collaboration at the source: GraceBlocks at its heart is intended to be your system or record. With every piece of information, there may be a point of clarification; a question worth asking. Our goal is to let collaboration happen at the data source, rather than over in some messaging tool where you then need to link or reference the information in question. This way the history of why you made the decisions you made gets to come along for the ride, it’s not buried in your email or another separate messaging system.

Outbound collaboration: When it comes to GraceBlocks, collaboration is not just with co-workers, we also have recruiters collaborating with candidates, marketers collaborating with leads, and businesses collaborating with customers and partners. For this reason, another key component of collaboration is extending our toolset to facilitate outbound communication and collaboration with just as much ease as internal communication.

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