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GraceBlocks APIs (5K reasons why they're a game-changer)

Re-keying new hires' data into an HRMS is about as fun as standing in line in a heatwave. I’ve learned from experience just how vital integration capabilities are to any technology provider’s business. Without integration, a system is an island waiting to get clobbered working with clients who need things to operate at scale. It doesn’t take much before the need for integration to automate the otherwise highly tedious task of redundant data entry and triggering associated workflows becomes critical. So yes, integration is fundamental, a game changer that allows what you build on GraceBlocks to connect with over 5,000 different applications, as we'll explain below. This is why having an API-first platform has always been part of our vision. It's not just core pillar #5; it's the central one. But building that framework does not happen overnight. It does happen if you keep plugging methodically away. And we're excited to share that our API framework has arrived!

When you build a Block on GraceBlocks, we will simultaneously auto-generate your Block's dedicated API. Each API comes complete with user security enforced API keys, page limits, error handling and full data-specific documentation for how to get, create, update or delete data in a Block.

GraceBlocks API Example

With all of this said, we know having APIs just allow the conversation to get started. Regarding integration, GraceBlocks is just one side of the story. We know we can’t do it alone. Yes, we now offer excellent APIs. But where the rubber hits the road is dealing with the ever-changing complexity of the ecosystem we are plugging into. That's why we're embedded in the Zapier framework, which connects GraceBlocks with over 5,000 applications, including Office 365, Google, Calendly, Salesforce, Mailchimp,  Zendesk, Slack, WordPress, Webflow, Zoho, Workable, and Crelate.

GraceBlocks Zapier Integration

Footnote: Did you notice a lack of enterprise HR systems referenced above? Zapier won't cut it for the big guys like Workday, SAP, Oracle, iCIMS, UKG, ADP, and others. Honestly, even if Zapier offered these integrations, managing them there or any other plug and play framework would be a maintenance nightmare. If you have more sophisticated integration needs, or you need services to handle and ensure solid integration maintenance, this is where our GraceRock Consulting services will come into play. We are working now to incorporate our APIs into the Enterprise HR Integration Ecosystem through a trusted integration partnership that can manage Enterprise-level integration needs. Stay tuned; we hope to share more on this in the coming weeks!

August 1, 2022
July 24, 2022