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Let's Collaborate!

Imagine having a slack channel auto-created for every single job opening you are managing. That would be a total pain to build out in Slack and would be a crazy mess to try and navigate there too. But in GraceBlocks, with our new collaboration enhancements, the collaboration channels are simply and effortlessly there, waiting to help you get work done, in the flow of work. That's right, another pillar just got stronger! We're happy to share that GraceBlocks has made great strides on Core pillar #4: Collaboration. We've had integrated text messaging as a capability for a while, but we've greatly expanded collaboration capability with collaboration and notification features built into the Block framework. With any record you add to GraceBlocks, you can collaborate easily with other members of your team, just about that record. Users can be added as collaborators to records and be notified according to the settings that builders and they personally specify. Add the collaborator fields and specify which are single and multi select and who gets notified when events about the requisition occur. Users can also use the collaboration panel to see the latest and @message individuals when the need arises. Below are just a few use cases for how collaboration can be helpful:

  • Goals management
  • Candidate management
  • Requisition intake management
  • Request queues, task management
  • Interview feedback management
  • System testing
  • System implementations
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Approval requests
  • New hire onboarding workstation requests
  • Employee termination exit processing
  • Back to work planning and collaboration

In the coming weeks we'll explore each of these use cases in more detail. But before we do, we have more updates to share that will help illustrate the limitless options you can explore with GraceBlocks.

Stay tuned! More to come!!!

June 19, 2022
June 13, 2022