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How to Control User Access to Your Data (the easy way)

Have you ever tried to use Excel and control who gets access to what information? The solution there is to give everyone their own personal workbook and then write a bunch of macros and formulas to try to sync up the data. The other end of the spectrum is spending a few years implementing an enterprise-level system like Workday or SAP. This is why pillar number six for GraceBlocks is control. We're excited to share that these capabilities are now production-ready. With a few clicks, we're bringing enterprise-level control capabilities to the creator community, rather than requiring technical developers and time-constrained IT resources.

When you Build on GraceBlocks, you define your system, unlike most systems you know where you have a standard bank of preset "permissions" that can be toggled.  Because you define the actions by defining tabs, with each tab you also get to control the access levels associated at the level that can suit your needs. Here are just a few ways GraceBlocks customers are using this capability at it's introduction.

1) Performance and Goals: Individual contributors can see their personal goals, while managers can see all goals for their team members and leadership can see all goals companywide.

2) Recruiting: Managers can only see candidates associated with jobs where they are the hiring manager.

3) Recruitment Interview Evaluations: Evaluators can only see the evaluations they have personally submitted.

4) Volunteer assignments: Volunteers can only see the activities they are assigned to as volunteers.

5) Approval requests: Approvers can only see requests routed to them to review and approve.

And implementing these control capabilities are a flip of a switch, literally tab by tab. Users on a Block are granted a "Level" of access. Then per tab, Builders will flip the toggles to define what that each Level of user is authorized to do. Ready to start flipping switches? Sign up for GraceBlocks today!

July 24, 2022