Brainstorm AI Spotlight, Part 4 of 6: Entertainment

Entertainers know they are immune to the AI wave. Learn about what's happening in their sphere. Maybe we should all be forming unions

Brainstorm AI Spotlight, Part 4 of 6: Entertainment

Summer rolls on and it's time to explore Part 4 in the Brainstorm AI series. This time our focus is on entertainment. We're going to explore new approaches to human expression, music, and gaming. Keep reading, you will be sure to learn something new and useful. Enjoy!

Human Expression:

Here are few folks messing with our understanding of human reality:

Metaphysical - $8 million in funding. Founded in 2021: Makers of the Tom Cruise deep fakes. They are working to perfect the science of human likeness. I'm not sure the line between reality and synthetic data can be more blurry than what these guys are doing.

Reface - $6 million in funding. Founded in 2018: This one is built for the masses, their restyling and facing swapping technology means can easily turn yourself into a cartoon, or put your face on wonder woman's body.

Gepetto AI - Founded in 2023: This is still in beta, and they are claiming their language model will drive the most powerful CINEMA in history, the first-ever infinite GAMES and be your partner in IMAGINATION. Of all of the AI solutions I've researched to date, Getetto has made the boldest of claims.

Music Creation:

All of these fermium-based tools you can try out. Whether it's creative expression, royalty free tracks, or and endless stream of music zen you seek, you will find it below!

Boomy - $4.5 million in funding. Founded in 2020: They are a generative music platform that lets you create original songs in seconds, even if you've never made music before. Then generate revenue by using the platform to distribute the music to streaming platforms.

Ecrett Music - $2 million in funding. Founded in 2020: Ecrett Music offers an easy to use platform to create customized royalty free music for use in videos, gaming, and podcasts.

Flowful - Founded in 2021: Run by a solopreneur, check out this tool to never lose focus again with functional music for deep work. I listened to it to help me focus as I crafted this blog article. Flowful provides Infinite-length ambient music soundscapes to get you into flow-state on-demand.

Music Editing:

Gain valuable insights from customer interactions stored in your various systems using AI analytics tools offered by these companies. - Founded in 2020: This solution offers AI-powered tools that let you easily extract vocal, accompaniment and various instruments from any audio and video.

Moises- $10 million in funding. Founded in 2019: Need a band you can jam with? Try this ultimate practice toolset. Moises lets you play with your favorite artists in any key, at any speed and remove vocals and instruments in any song.

Tuney - $900,000 in funding. Founded in 2020: Have you ever needed to match audio to video and need a track portion to run just a little longer to sync things just right. This is the type of situation where Tuney comes in hand. They offer tools to edit existing music, produce remixes and generate new tracks.


Level up your gaming experience with these AI-driven solutions designed to enhance gameplay and game development.

◻ Opus- Founded in 2019: Let's gamers/artists/storytellers operate in an ever changing world/canvas/fantasy where you are not just a gamer/artist/storyteller but also a creator and administrator.

◻ GenieLabs - Founded in 2023: Transform Your Thoughts Into a 3D Experience Personalized 3D Content For Game Studios. The video on their home page shows an impressive illustration of this!

◻ Rosebud AI - $10.5 million in funding. Founded in 2017: Rosebud is for a true game developer offering AI Generated Game Assets to Game Development. This solution is designed to let designers build games at the speed of thought.

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