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Hey Recruiters, Your Next Great Hire is a Text Away

Recruiters take note! Your next great hire is just a text message away

In recruiting today, establishing good relationships are as important as ever. Whether you are keeping the bench warm, managing 2 hard-to-fill or 200 high volume hires, you know it’s about relationships. They are based on real exchanges between recruiters and candidates, and it it makes a difference when a recruiter can be:

⚪ Respectful     ⚪  Timely       ⚪ Compelling

⚪   Respectful: by engaging with candidates where it’s most convenient for them.

  Timely: by supporting real time communication to candidates, when it matters.

   Compelling: by delivering modern communications that can include rich multimedia.

At GraceBlocks, we aim to contribute to respectful, timely, and compelling exchanges that cultivate good relationships with candidates. That’s why our initial focus for the GraceBlocks platform is the support of text-based recruiting relationships.

If your personal phone is your means of texting with candidates today, we would love to chat with you about how GraceBlocks can help fill the gap. An individual recruiter will be able to get started in minutes for free and with an ongoing cost that is as low at$20/month. Put your personal phone down and pick up GraceBlocks to help you get the job done.

See how it works: Watch this 2 minute video on using GraceBlocks to support candidate texting needs.

So what are you waiting for? GraceBlocks alpha program starts this fall and if you are an individual recruiter we may still have a spot for you. Please let us know by requesting early access!

May 18, 2021
September 11, 2020