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GraceBlocks is a toolkit for problem solvers

GraceBlocks was built for problem solvers.

Meet Sarah, an engineering manager at a green tech startup leading a team of 50+ engineers. With management setting a deadline of March 1st, Sarah's team successfully completed a project within budget and on time. Impressed with the extra effort put in by some team members, Sarah requested a "Thank you" bonus of $100 Amazon gift card for them, which was approved.

However, Sarah faced a hurdle in texting the gift card link to her team and receiving text responses for any queries, as her HRIS system lacked the required texting functionality. Requesting her IT/Development team's assistance proved futile as they were busy for months.

As a proactive problem solver, Sarah turned to GraceBlocks for a quick solution. By exporting a CSV file containing the team's contact information and eligibility for the bonus, she imported, filtered, and texted her team within minutes using GraceBlocks, circumventing the HRIS system's limitations.

Sarah's resourceful approach not only solved the current issue but also added a valuable data element to her GraceBlocks toolkit for future contingencies. The lesson to be learned from Sarah's experience is to be a problem solver, always exploring efficient solutions to overcome obstacles.If you're curious how, go through this step by step guide of how Sarah accomplished this using GraceBlocks.

March 17, 2023
March 13, 2023