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GraceBlocks Goes for Gold and Wins!

A few weeks ago, we got a call from Ward Christman with HR Tech Advisor, they were holding a collaboration competition focused on emerging companies in the Talent Acquisition space. He asked if GraceBlocks was interested in participating. The judge's panel is a long list of distinguished analysts and influencers in the Human Capital Management market and we were eager to get their feedback. This seemed like it could be a good opportunity to do just that. I’m excited to report that we came away with the gold prize for the competition. What a fun experience to share our vision and receive such enthusiastic feedback. Along with GraceBlocks, the other finalists were The Talent Games, a gamified talent assessment solution,  and BrightHire, a solution to looking to bring equity and alignment to the interviewing process. You should check them out!

In case you are interested, here is the video we shared during the final round of the competition where the three finalists were given the opportunity to introduce their to the entire HR Tech summit virtual conference attendees back on Sept 22.  It does a good job laying out the vision of GraceBlocks and where we are currently in our path along this journey.


Thanks to everyone at HR Tech Advisor and Harbinger for the opportunity to participate in this event and for your guidance, especially LarryCummings, Marilyn Pearson Hendricks and Seema Chaudhary. And thanks to the judges as well for your participation in this competition: Jackye Clayton, Gareth Jones, Elaine Orler, Ilonka Jankovich, Matt Charney, Tim Sackett, Colin Lestrange, William Tincup, Sarah Brennan, Chad Sowash, Joel Cheesman, Karen Azulai, Deb Andrychuk, Bob Maiden.

HR Tech Alliances Collaboration Competition: Best New Talent Acquisition Solution 1st Place
May 18, 2021
October 5, 2020