Messaging pricing

GraceBlocks paid subscription plans support the option for sending and receiving texts in more than 20 countries. To learn more about GraceBlocks subscription plans, click here.

You will need to purchase funds and subscribe to a paid GraceBlocks plan to send text messages. Funds can be purchased in any increment ranging from $20 - $2000 and are drawn as users send and receive texts. Messages are sent from a phone number which you can purchase for your desired country. Rates for sending, receiving as well as maintaining an active phone number varies by country. Select the country below learn about pricing as it applies for that location.

Note: Individuals who sign up for GraceBlocks using a US or Canada local phone number will be given a credit to allow sending the first few text messages free of charge using a US or Canada local phone number. All other countries require a paid plan to start sending text messages.