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Transform your spreadsheets into collaborative systems effortlessly with GraceBlocks. Instantly create customized views, and combine your data with the document management and collaboration tools your team needs to operate effectively.

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If you can use a spreadsheet, you can use GraceBlocks. Walk up and use, then leverage robust support to master.


Advanced security, forms, and formulas along with built in email and texting lets you truly build at scale.

Mobile first

You need your systems where you are today. With GraceBlocks, they are in your pocket on iOS or Android. Find us in the app store.

API first

Automatic API companion means whatever you build on GraceBlocks is available for APIs and integration.

Creating scalable systems has never been easier

Native texting

Add the  messaging field anywhere you've stored a phone number, and start sending ad hoc or template based texts immediately.

Native email

Enable emailing on any email field then send ad hoc and template based emails with attached static or dynamic files.


Assign collaborator roles on records or collaborate ad hoc. Set your notification preferences to receive the desired alerts.

Some current customersuccess stories

“Fundamentally changed our workflow”

GraceBlocks has unified our applicant tracking and communication, allowing us to easily communicate via text with our applicants without our team members needing to share their personal information. It has fundamentally changed our workflow, managing every step of our hiring process effortlessly.

Sharon Levitch
CEO and Founder, ACS Learning

“I'm blown away”

I've used salesforce in the past. But that's just too much custom work for our size of business. We tried to implement our own home grown CRM and that was a colossal failure. I'm blown away by what we've been able to accomplish so quickly with GraceBlocks.

Andrew Doggett
CEO - Auto-San


The issue with MS Teams for us is that we would have a spreadsheet where we'd track stuff and then another file folder structure for the related documents. Now all of that is combined together so the file is WITH the data. That has been a game-changer for us.

Melissa Bianchi
VP HR Operations, ICP Group

“I don’t know why I'd ever use a regular spreadsheet again”

The forms option makes it so much easier to enter stuff. Between that and the bookmarks to easily save the views I need and then share that with others, I don’t know why I'd ever use a regular spreadsheet again.

Rick Hennessy
Property Owner, Rick's Rentals

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Frequently asked questions

Get the lowdown! Check out our FAQs below.

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Do you offer a free version?

When you sign up, no credit card is required and if you elect not to upgrade in the first 2 weeks, your Zone will automatically be placed onto the free plan with an option to upgrade later. The free plan is quite robust and supports most field types and up to 2 GB of attachment storage space. For some GraceBlocks users, the free version is sufficient to fully meet their needs.

How does text messaging  work?

When you activate the messaging field, we auto-procure your first phone number in an area code aligned with your phone number on file and the messaging features will appear in your block.  Then you are ready to send messages! You can also elect to add more phone numbers in difference area codes. (Messaging rates apply.)

Can I integrate with Quickbooks?

Yes, using the Zapier integration framework, it's very easy to integrate GraceBlocks with Quickbooks online. It's a popular option to route invoices from Quickbooks into GraceBlocks for easy access for authorized sales reps.

Can emails be sent "from" our email address?

Yes, we enable emailing through SendGrid, a high deliverability email provider. There is a $200 set up fee and we will need to work with your IT group to ensure the SendGrid IPs are whitelisted. Once this is done, you will be able to use your designated email address for sending emails from GraceBlocks. (Email rates apply.)

How can I request my POS device?

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Do you offer a discount for nonprofits?

Yes! Send us an email at and provide a copy of 501(c)(3) excemption letter. Once we confirm you are an authorized individual for the related institution, and we can provide you the discount code to use when signing up.