Talent Strategy Value Calculator

You know you need it.  It will transform your business, saving you and your company hours, headaches, and ultimately cash. But when asked why to spend the money on this new strategy, the only answer you have for leadership is “Well…isn’t it obvious?” With that, here’s hoping you’re okay with operation status quo.

Finding the right technology is only part of the battle. Getting it passed the number crunchers is a challenging hurdle that can kill many projects before they get started.  What you know is an invaluable purchase can be difficult to justify to people who don’t do your job and who only want to talk in measurable terms.

This resource is provided to get you from the hunch to the obviously justifiable. Read more about how to use this calculator by referencing our blog series about this topic. Find the $$ in your Talent Strategy.  Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

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