2021 02/26: Pre-release has arrived!

We are excited to share that we've just shipped our starter packets to the first set of GraceBlocks users. The initial set of capabilities in fuller detail are outlined via our support site which can be found at support.graceblocks.com.

For the quick hit list of what is included at pre-release, keep reading. We can't wait to learn about what you build!


Build your system, Block by Block and tab by tab - defining the fields you need and how they need to relate to each other. The data you can store inside your GraceBlocks includes a variety of field types including the ability to store categorized attachments, manage text messaging conversations with individuals, store formatted phone numbers, email and urls, along with establishing robust relationship and lookups of key data. Only store what you need, your way.


GraceBlocks support the option to do text messaging to 20+ different countries. To review the full list of countries supported click here. Individuals who sign up using US or Canadian numbers will be able to try messaging out using the GraceBlocks free plan. You can build messaging templates for messages you constantly are sending, and schedule delays into when your messages will be sent.


We have two possible views at pre-release with more planned for the future. Initial views are:

  Spreadsheet view: This view works like a spreadsheet and supports copy/paste.

  Messaging view: This view lets you focus on text messaging and supports sending individual texts to up to 50 individuals simultaneously.


From either Spreadsheet or Messaging view. Use the available Filter tool to find the records you need. Every field is filterable using a variety of filter operators.


Need specific records at your fingertips? Save your filters and spreadsheet layouts for quick access to key records. Builders can create public bookmarks, and all other users can use the public bookmarks or create their own.


From both views you can access an individual record's Details page which is the layout page that lets clearly see all of information you are tracking. Builders specify the sections and field order layouts to make it easy for everyone to understand the information that is stored inside your Blocks.

Users and roles:

When you create your GraceBlocks account, you also create your first Zone and you can manage who you invite into that Zone, their role and the Blocks they can work with.

Plans and pricing:

Users can manage their own profile and ultimately might belong to Multiple Zones. Zone owners can manage the plan for their Zone. By default, all Zones start on the Free plan and from there have the option to upgrade to Starter, Pro or talk to us regarding Enterprise pricing. There is no credit card required to use GraceBlocks. Paid plans can be subscribed to monthly or annually, and Zone owners can choose to cancel at any time.

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