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USD / per month
USD / per message segment**
USD / per message segment**
USD / per media item***

Send text to this country:

Obtain clean local phone number:*

Country calling code:


Send media to this country:

Receive text on a number for this country:

USD / per media item***

Receive media on a number for this country:

Text messaging delivery is most reliable within a given country. If you are sending messages to this country, it is recommended that you obtain a number in this country so that you can send "in country" messages, vs. international messages. While you can send from one country to another country, it is possible that issues will arise that will prevent successful message delivery from one country to another.
* Message funds are required to send a message via your obtained clean phone number. Your first $2 of message funds are complementary. Once depleted, you will need to purchase additional funds to continue sending messages. If phone number is deactivated for any reason, it can not be reactivated for use in sending more messages. Instead, a new number must be obtained.
** A single message segment is 153 characters of text. Messages with more than 153 characters will be counted by segment. Example: if a text is 200 characters long, it is 2 message segments.
*** Only media sent in the US and Canada is sent "in line" inside the text. In all other countries, media will be sent as a clickable hyperlink. Each attachment included in the message will be counted as a single media item.

Special notes about Canada:

Zone Creators who validate a Canadian phone number when creating their Zone will be given a single complementary clean local phone number. GraceBlocks will obtain it for you automatically when you activate the messaging features inside a Block, by adding a tab using the messaging template, or adding the messaging field type to a tab. This number can be used for one month. To continue using the automatically provided number after the one month complementary timeframe, the Zone must be upgraded to a paid plan. Otherwise, the complementary number will be deactivated.

The +1 calling code applies to all of North America and other US Territories, but only area codes for the United States and Canada are supported. This means the following locations and their associated area codes are NOT currently supported for message delivery:

Country/Territory: Area code(s)

American Samoa: 684

Anguilla: 264‍

Antigua and Barbuda: 268‍

Bahamas: 242‍

Barbados: 246‍

Bermuda: 441‍

British Virgin Islands: 284‍

Cayman Islands: 345‍

Dominica: 767‍

Dominican Republic: 809, 829, 849‍

Grenada: 473‍

Guam: 671‍

Jamaica: 876, 658‍

Montserrat: 664‍

Northern Mariana Islands: 670‍

Puerto Rico: 787, 939‍

Saint Kitts and Nevis: 869‍

Saint Lucia: 758‍

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 784‍

Sint Maarten: 721‍

Trinidad and Tobago: 868‍

Turks and Caicos Islands: 649‍

United States Virgin Islands: 340‍

Messaging Pricing Overview - View All Countries